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2023年9月14日 (木)

Plasticity abiding Strategical Advantage a.

Day by day, any innovative reformative evolution and more convenient mode switch are frequently done, in the reality, some attached own familiarity attending reality is not that advantageous, far from it, at some territory, that unnecessary persistence is critical. Though we should have some useful placiticity around not insisting on only traditional method, but rather very flexibly easily switchable, so called plasticity should be attended on our own mind.

These days reality makes us have some very vigilantly protective strategical mindset. Anytime, more usefully productive state of the art technological conversion must suddenly assaults to our own reality, though one familiarly habitual technological reactive constitution holding is disadvantageous, not only it but also, rather from the beginning, one own familiar habitual method should never attached, rather that so composed and cool mindset is very important. 

Economical and financial global move irresistibly forces our daily life mode forcible change, though we anytime should have easily convertible own light footwork around addressing with anything, you know.

Though from the beginning, anytime vigilantly new system, new method guided reality movement watching and easily switchable sensibility should be nurtured in immanent mind. 

And, very many territories topically important subjective watch and smartly analyzable mind slider rule must be indispensable. At any emergently convertible strategical reaction, we should never be irresolute, plainly refusal to any unnecessary systematized ideas and any integral index abiding own vigilance should be adopted into our emargently necessary strategical switch or so.

Around method's own innovative switch, to some wise notice extent, some emergently reactionary own cool mind must be possible. Anyway, not so easily shaken to any situational switch, anytime cool and wise judgement outputting reality should be prepared, though day by day we should train our daily physical skill and reactionary bodily ability should be stocked, though long walking watching very assorted landscape is very useful at training spiritual intoxicating mind nature. 

To anybody, lifetime is just one not returnable orbit race or so, though in daily mindset, any emergency reactionary mind skill and physical skil should be stocked at brain memory territory. 
For doing so, not fixed stance around having curuoity is very important. To anything, we have to watch so curiously and make those switched our own mind legacy, wish your own success, good luck!

(Irregularly continued)


Sep. 14th.   2023



« Deva達の攻防 a. | トップページ | Music Nature and Finite Power a. »





« Deva達の攻防 a. | トップページ | Music Nature and Finite Power a. »