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2023年11月30日 (木)

Instagram circle1.

I have now 9 ones Instagram pals as to me one circle consciousness is attended. 

One Ukrainian beautiful model, one British so famous musician, one US so famous musician, one the most famous US. deva singer song writer, one US singer song writer who now settles in Japan, one actively playing Japanese actress, one popular Japanese actress and model, two the most these days powerful British devas are my so precious Instagram circle members. All are nine. 

My sending contents are usually, to each one, so suitable songs, tunes, and occasionally car attraction animations with YouTube, hang glider, skate board competition animations, scuver diving animations, movie masterpieces introducing, breaking contest real time on air programs, bungee jumping animations, art and artist introduction animations with interview and masterpieces introduction, mountain walking animations, rock climbing animations, actors, actress interviews, movie masterpieces theme music, by the way, introduced music genre is very diverse, though, Pops, contemporary fine music, classics, ethnic music, jazz improvisation playings, religion concern music as rite music and songs with mass, political news contents, landscape shot animations, or very diversely still now evolution is made at each genre extension. 

Very wonderful members with celebrities had changed my life human networked intelligence obtaining.
Also from now on, my Instagram circle activity will have own evolution around contents and own course and policy.

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Nov. 30th.    2023





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2023年11月29日 (水)









Nov. 29th.      2023









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2023年11月19日 (日)

My All Past was Ready for Meeting You a.

To you, now only craving for meeting as an absolute emotion was simply made so constantly. 

And any my life stumbling block and failure must have been prepared only for in the end meeting you, you know. 

You as Ms. BEPBO in meeting must have prepared for my former meeting with Ms. NR, and that brokeb heart consequence must have prepared for encountering you at more progressive degree. 

Your own wonderfully talented skepticism must be made adjacent with ironical, but substantial romantic idea and own philosophic delicate sensitivity. 

My whole emotion must have been made through merely sympathizing trend around what your own skeptical fantastic world in which any poetical emotion is included intrinsically. 

Your own singing and creating lyrical world must be derived from your own childhood days and infantile days memory abiding own  simple question around what makes this globe so contradictory discrimination, warfare, and unequally of embodiment around any necessary happiness provision to anybody, but actually very a few ones only win any competition, but almost any other one must be so so or almost defeated state obliged life spending reality. 

To those, your eyes must gaze at any contradictory move on the earth and own dubiously analyzing mind to any contradictory accident takes place at any field. 


(Irregularly continued)



Nov. 19th.    2023

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