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2023年12月21日 (木)

Consciously Taken Attitude at doing Anything should be so Visibly Easily Displayed a.

No matter what we try to do everything so intentionslly, we should make it so visibly shown to anyone as the intention made in us should display so clearly at some enough degree to date to display our own intention, not that subtly nor not that so abstinently. 

in other words, to anybody, we should make any message so clearly showing our own intention, more that a little bit powerful than our first motivated mind. 

in other words, to us, intention should be more obviously clarified not at doing with small indication but rather a little bit emphasizing degree. 

we should not save our own intentional desire to appealing anything. 
Because we from the beginning, that abstinence forgiven ample and abundant room for saving our own energy, rather we all are very finitely given everything, though at least our own the maximal hope should be injected with full throttled degree not abstinently injected one. 

We should be bold and very positively greedy. Because we are only given so finite time room for surviving. 

Anyeay, please make yourself so greedily motivated than ordinarily necessary modesty, you know. 
Because your own given lifetime must be so shortened than you can imagine. 

(irregularly continued)


Dec. 21st.      2023


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