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Distress of Novelist

Novel has no matter how short, longer than poem, of course hence we can make poem dare to be longer, but usually the first saying is real.
Annoying any novelist is at a degree its length decision.

But one thing we can allege is that if novelist is honest around his writing stance, anybody as long as he is novelist must be puzzled to the factual truth in which he attempts to describe as theme of real society and motivating idea’s origin and epoch’s background.

Because novelist is either human and surviving in particular age with any other citizens, and that society or country’s situation is anytime speedily changing, thus his brain always follows and chases age trend and its distinct issue, but he tries to create one of fiction, that creating stance must have so stably unchangeable essence never according to age’s character, but simultaneously he can never neglect nor ignore all characters of age in which he survives.

Frankly speaking, in contemporary age, rather poem or essay is easy for any author to write, because this age is overwhelmingly so busily shocking in being reported with news show on TV and newspaper and internet news report.
Really, all true incidents take place at particular location is so impressive and even fictious, rather all novel story is normally static, real things are more shocking and outstanding to anybody surviving at this age, thus novel usually is needed to be consistent in being read by readers, but speedily switching world situation around all genre and world is always appearing forefront, thus we have no room to read novel so easily home, thus novel reading is never so natural acts for us, but really occurring things are never so, it’s so indispensably to catch all moving for our survival.

Thus usually poem has no needed to have consistency in logically and formally, rather it needs to be so informal and unexpected discovering than novel which we are anticipating natural process as if real things are, thus now age must control us as novelist in tough battling in looking for the best method to enchant and attract all readers dare to choose reading novel.

In addition to it, usually novelists set the background as age character and particular issue we all share with any other people, but so speedily all things easily switch themselves, then necessarily all novelists are vigilant to watch all shifting of this age’s characteristic tendency, but the age itself does never allow us deliberating around real things so relaxed and for a long time, we must react all shifting of anything so vigilantly and must pay attention to choosing way to react everything.

This age must make any readers easily to be attracted rather to essay around contemporary issues and poems never so needed any fictious consistency in reading impression, are ordinarily the form any author is easy to address with and get sympathy.

And novelist’ setting background anytime is switching threatening any novelist in difficulty to describe age character as propositional supposition to readers and eventually normal novels would be preceded by essay, fairy tale, and strange mode accompanying poem, necessarily.

In other words, if we novelist try to describe so realistic age character we must anytime review and revise the standpoint and strategical choice so frequently and busily so sequentially.
Because even so consistency demanded novelists are in writing apt to change their mind so easily coz so heavy crucial age’s changing constantly realizes and comes up to authors’ mind so incidentally unpredictable puzzle.

Therefore, I dare to adopt the method to write in making planning change so easily avoiding any precise scheduling and minute detailed part’s decision.
For proceeding writing flexibly in changing the developing of story, I always do never mind any fixed premise nor own attachment to the description of appearing person’s character and image.

At the matter of fact, never fixing so minute details is the best method to write novel dare to react constant switching age’s mode and tough change of aspect around the blueprint toward the future of all of us.

Eventually I can conclude the stance around writing novel and poem, border of them must be vaguely ambiguous and fusion of both elements must be contained to two different genres.
Ultimately two genres’ difference must be overcome in front of more important literature’s expression in missioned work for me, essay tasted novel, poetic criticism paper, novel story accompanied poem or so are always in my brain.
My literature travelling road is so further keeping of process in proceeding with unseen destination’s whereabout. Presumably until the last moment of my life, the destination nor fulfillment might have never come to me.
(Jan. 15. 16th. 2020)

Note; For the time being, border of news reporting essay and philosophical analyzing tasted paper must be vanished and also in poem I want to try to inject both elements, and step by step all discernment is wanted to be diffused by me, that hope must exist in my mind.